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Copa Lounge

The Copa lounge is a premium AC space, with a view of Carlisle Bay.


150 Patrons

Premium AC Lounge

Step into Copacabana's AC Lounge, where versatility effortlessly meets sophistication. Nestled within our beachfront oasis, this premium lounge and bar is the perfect canvas for a range of events, from corporate gatherings and seminars to workshops, cocktail soirées, and sit down dinners. 

With its curated beverage selection and refined ambiance, it's an exclusive setting that's sure to impress. The AC Lounge's modular layout adapts to your vision, offering flexibility for seating arrangements, networking, or mingling.

Why Choose This Space

Facility Features

Comprehensive Event Services

- Air-conditioned washrooms for guest comfort
- Modular furniture and setups to suit your specific needs

- Premium Bar & Service Area

- Multiple TVs

- AV solutions

- On-site catering
- Food station setups
- Views of the ocean

- Catering services
- Skilled Bar Staff
- Dedicated servers
- Professional security personnel
- Diligent cleaning staff to maintain a pristine environment

View the Space

In Action

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